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Means Wealth Management

project type - commercial/ exterior addition and interior renovation

project location - greenville sc

size - 3,100 sf

This project consisted of a 2,000 square foot renovation and 1,100 square foot addition, to an abandoned building in downtown Greenville, SC.  We were selected by Means Wealth Management, a wealth management and financial planning company, to transform the building and property into their new office.  The building layout incorporates both private offices, as well as multiple client focused meeting rooms.  All of the spaces were designed with tall windows, to allow as much natural light into the building as possible.  For the exterior, the new brick walls were designed to complement the existing building materials, as well as create new entry points into the building for both clients and employees.  The project was extremely successful in reusing the existing building and bringing life back into a once abandoned piece of property, on a very busy street, in downtown Greenville.  

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