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SHLTR Office - 2 Bennett

project type - commercial upfit / facade improvement

project location - greenville sc

size - 7,000 sf

2 Bennett is our second office location in Greenville. After experiencing lots of growth we no longer fit into our previous quaint 1,000 SF space so it was time for a new beginning. Moving into a new office isn't just about relocating desks and files, it's a chance to reimagine our work environment. This new building is uniquely located in a full tree canopy in downtown. SHLTR occupies the third floor of the building so the views from the windows are literally of the trees thus we've named it The Treehouse. We knew we wanted to do what we could to celebrate that and take advantage of the views bringing nature and natural materials into the building. However, because we were up in the canopy of the trees (without an elevator) it made getting materials to the floor, especially large heavy materials or equipment, very difficult.  We ended up using a concrete look LVT in the corridors, a large wood accent wall, large exterior storefronts of windows, plants, and green furniture accents to bring as much of the outside natural world inside.

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